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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The WMG Academy for Young Engineers Solihull will support the development of well broc 14qualified and industry trained students, who have the functional skills, knowledge and personal qualities to make an impact in the world of work, as apprentices and/or in further/higher education. We will ensure that our students have a thirst for learning with raised aspirations that will provide the motivation and drive to succeed. Strong employer and further and higher education links (especially with WMG Рa significant academic department of the University of Warwick), as well as a professional ethos and culture will ensure the students will be in demand from employers. The WMG Academy Solihull will also work closely with the WMG Academy for Young Engineers Coventry. It is our intention that both Academies will be unincorporated branches of the WMG Academy Trust (which will become a Multi-Academy Trust) which will be the legal entity responsible for both academies. Our students will have a curriculum that is based around projects that have been designed by employers to reflect the types of problems and challenges that employers have to deal with on a day to day basis. The projects will be designed to ensure students gain qualifications as they work through the problems that  have been set by the employers. The projects will provide every student with access to high value manufacturing, engineering and design and academic experiences that will lead to a diverse range of positive outcomes Рeither into employment or on to further or higher education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver a very different way of learning. We will make available to all our students a dynamic curriculum that is underpinned by a radical learning and teaching approach that will be designed around the needs of each student and the needs of employers.

Our Academy will engage the next generation in an innovative new learning environment. Our learning environment will be designed to generate an excitement for the opportunities afforded in engineering and the creation of the high value products of tomorrow. The WMG Academy will be integrated and embedded within its local and regional industries and educational establishments.  We are committed to an inclusive, outward facing  approach and a culture that will ensure the engagement of employers and students with an interest and involvement in engineering.