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WMG Academy Staff


Stuart Baker                                    Chair of Governors and Link Governor for SEND

Shaheen Charlwood                     Governor and Link Governor for Core Curriculum

Christopher Palmer                      Governor and Link Governor for Safeguarding and Behaviour

John Pendleton                              Governor and Link Governor for Operations

Jason Rawlinson                            Governor and Link Governor for Engineering


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Kate Tague                              Executive Principal

Mr Stewart Tait                              Associate Principal

Ms Farhat Parveen                       Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning)

Mrs Diane Campton                     Director of Finance


Lead Teachers

Mr Jason Kirwan                           Lead Teacher for Engineering

Ms Amanda Knowles                   SENCo

Mr Fiesal Mahroof                        Lead Teacher for Science


Teaching Staff

Mr Alan Bain                                  Teacher of Design, Engineering and Technology

Miss Louise Brewer                      Teacher of Art and Design

Mr Christopher Holden               Teacher of Design, Engineering and Technology

Ms Claire Collier                           Teacher of Computer Science

Mr Umran Naeem                        Teacher of Computer Science and Physics with Science

Mr Godson Odogwu                    Teacher of Mathematics

Miss Sumithra Roy                       Teacher of English

Mr Nick Rawson                            Teacher of MFL

Mr Mohammad Ullah                  Teacher of Product Design


Learning Support Staff

Miss Jackie Clarke                         Learning Support Assistant

Ms Sheila Crawford                      Learning Support Assistant

Miss Stephanie Light                   Maths Learning Coach

Miss Bethany Hawtin                   Maths Coach

Miss Shreeya Parshotam            Maths Coach

Mr Kazi Tamini                               Maths Coach


Operational Staff

Miss Susan Beattie                        Administrative Officer

Mrs Jackie Irons                             Receptionist

Mr Graham Jacklin                        IT & Facilities Manager

Mrs Calista Lewis                          Marketing & PR Manager

Mr Neil Loxton                               Cover Supervisor

Ms Claire Machin                           Technician

Mr Chris Parry                                 Senior Engineering Technician

Mrs Sally Phillips                            MIS and Examinations Officer

Mrs Sarah Rhodes                          MIS and Examinations Manager

Mr Mohan Toora                             Senior Science Technician