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The aim of the agreement is to make clear to learners, parents/carers, staff and governors that they have an equally important part to play in helping each individual learner to make the best use of the opportunities available at the WMG Academy. We believe that success is built upon an open and supportive partnership between our learners, parents, staff and governors. We aim to provide all our learners with stimulating, relevant and challenging learning experiences which will equip them with the employability skills and knowledge to face the challenges of the 21st century.


Each learner has a responsibility to:

  • take ownership of their own actions and performance;
  • respect other learners, staff, visitors and themselves and be aware that racism, intolerance and bullying are unacceptable;
  • wear the required business dress;
  • complete all work on time to the best of their ability;
  • respect Health and Safety regulations;
  • attend regularly and punctually and be adequately prepared for the day;
  • behave in a business-like manner at all times and adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Learners can expect:

  • to be set challenging work which is assessed regularly;
  • to have frequent feedback on  progress;
  • to be rewarded for positive contributions to the academy;
  • to have behaviour monitored and appropriate disciplinary action taken when it falls short of the required standard;
  • to have their parents/carers regularly informed of progress;
  • to have a safe and caring environment to work in;
  • to have advice, care and support when needed from all staff.

Parents and Carers

Each parent and carer has an important responsibility to work closely with their children and the staff to support achievement at the academy.  We ask you, as parents and carers:

  • to ensure your child attends regularly and punctually as required by law;
  • to keep the academy informed of anything which you believe might affect your child’s
  • progress at the academy especially absence, illness, change of family situation;
    not to take holidays in term time;
  • to take an interest in your child’s work when they are at home and ensure Home Learning when set, is completed;
  • to attend parental consultation meetings with teachers;
  • to support the business dress code;
  • to support the implementation of the academy’s code of conduct;
  • to send your child to the academy, prepared for the day ahead.

The WMG Academy will ensure

  • that parents are informed regularly of academic progress;
  • that parents are informed of any aspects of behaviour that required action by staff.


Our Governors will carry out their legal responsibilities to the academy and ensure:

  • that academy policies provide care for every learner;
  • that funding received by the academy will be used responsibly to provide the curriculum and support services;
  • that they will meet regularly to carry out their function and liaise with academy business partners;
  • that they will visit the academy regularly and update business partners on progress and further opportunities.



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