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Our tutors will be available at the NEW Solihull Academy on 24th 25th 26th Aug (9.30am-3pm) to take enquiries and provide the advice you need. You can even have a quick look around too.
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If you’ve already applied to us and want to tell us your results, please come along to see us as planned. If you are unsure where to go please email us at solihull.admissions@wmgacademy.org.uk and we’ll be in touch.
If your results are not what you expected it’s important to talk to us. We can help find the right course for you – so don’t worry.

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Email us at solihull.admissions@wmgacademy.org.uk with your name and telephone number and we’ll be in touch asap. Alternatively call our advice line on 07436 289 468

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Welcome to WMG Academy Solihull

Our schools are like no other schools. We’re turning the traditional approach to education on its head by putting real, business-focussed, practical problems and challenges at the centre of the curriculum.

Students will learn by doing things, making things, designing things and creating things – just like businesses do every day. Team work will be the norm. In this way our students will be much better prepared for the challenges which follow, whether they be in companies, in further education or at University.

Starting an education revolution

Digital image of building 3The WMG Academy is part of an education revolution. We are taking all that is good from mainstream education and adding in a host of skills that will prepare our young people for employment or Higher Education. For our students education is exciting.  We give them an experience with real value; one that will lead to a diverse range of positive progression pathways for every single student.

Working with the University of Warwick and some of the biggest employers in the region means that we have shaped our curriculum from day one to ensure we produce students with a professional ethos and culture that is in high demand in today’s working world. With a longer working day, high academic standards and business-led dress code, our expectations are clear to all our learners

Our vision is to deliver a dynamic curriculum, underpinned by a radical learning and teaching approach, designed around the needs of both students and employers. Our innovative new learning environment has been designed to engage students and generate an excitement for the engineering opportunities that will shape the creation of the high-value products of tomorrow.

Unique opportunities

Our close working relationships with employers are a key feature of our curriculum; they set our learners technical projects based on the day-to-day problems and situations they have to resolve in their companies.  Team working will be the norm for our students – they will work together to develop skills that employers value: problem-solving, creativity, leadership, communication, resilience and the ability to respond to change.

Not the easy option

Students studying at the WMG Academy can expect a challenging and exciting curriculum which will help them grow and develop their skills and progress into higher or further education or employment.

University Technical Colleges

The WMG Academy for Young Engineers is a University Technical College (UTC).  UTCs are schools for 14-18 year olds which are led by businesses and a University.  You can find out more about UTCs on their website.