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In 2016 students will join the WMG Academy at the start of Year 10 or Year 12. From 2018 broc 18priority will be given to the Academy’s Year 11 students progressing to Year  12. The cademy will not admit external applicants to its Sixth Form, unless under-subscribed by its own students. The Admissions Policy is at the back of this document and provides more  details. The curriculum will be based around employer led projects set within the context of problems that employers face on a day to day basis. The projects will involve subjects such as GCSE English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, a modern foreign language and geography, together with appropriate engineering and digital qualifications, being studied
within the context of each project.

At Post 16, learners studying at Advanced Level will take core A Levels in mathematics,  further mathematics and physics, the study of which will be directly applied to the  engineering based employer project together with a choice of an additional A level and an appropriate  engineering qualification.

A key feature of the curriculum for all students, following  consultation with employers, will be the development of employability skills.

  • Teamwork
  • ¬†Problem solving¬†
  • Creativity¬†
  • Leadership¬†
  • Communication Skills¬†
  • Enterprise

Students will also take part in a wide range of sports and enrichment activities, accessing ¬†facilities in the local area in addition to what will be available on-site.¬†When students leave the WMG Academy they will have a range of qualifications and a portfolio of evidence that ¬†they can apply their knowledge to a real business problems and have a range of other employability skills that employers value ‚Äď as set out above.