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Business Partners

Across the UK businesses are keen to see mechanisms put in place to match skills and education with real jobs – including at graduate level. We believe that the WMG Academy curriculum model responds directly to this need. We aim to raise aspirations and performance to enable our students to compete at the highest levels in industry and education. 
The WMG Academy focuses on a broad base of engineering with specialist attention being given to the areas applicable to local employers in the following sectors:
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • High value manufacturing

We also focus on ICT and Digital Technology as enablers of engineering, with supporting themes of enterprise and sustainability.

Become a Partner

We work with a range of partners from SMEs to large multi-national corporations. You can contribute in a variety of ways from offering to mentor some of our learners (this can be as little as an online Q&A session once a term or coming in to talk to learners about projects) to devising a technical project to add to our curriculum.Employer partners work alongside our learners setting them real-world problems to work through, mentoring and offering opportunities for the learners to experience working alongside a range of different departments and companies to study in facilities alongside their employees. If you think that you are interested in providing these types of experiences and helping shape future engineers then please get in touch.We believe that in order to bridge the skills gaps and ensure a ready stream of employable young engineers in the future we need to change our approach to education now, and you can be part of that change.For more information email us at: info@wmgacademysolihull.org.uk